When you invest in something you want it to have lasting benefits.Value increases when you realise you get more out your investment than you thought.

The following past small selection of clients were responsible for reaching their fantastic achievements.

C.H.Came to see me in 2013 for help in overcoming a lack of self confidence in a particular area of his skill set.4 years on he is working as a football coach in the USA on a four year scholarship.

W.T. cycled from John o’ Groats to Lands End for a charity event listening to a recording i made for him when we were evaluating different performance issues in his life.

A.F. Changed career after attending sessions for a different performance issue.

M.T.’s secondary gain from seeing me was stopping drinking and taking up a past skill again.The initial appointment and treatment was made for another performance issue that was affecting the true potential during that period.

J.T. Won a professional golf tournament 3 years after seeking my services for help in another area.

H.D. is currently flying to exotic places on a regular basis after she sought my help to overcome a specific fear of flying.

I like to think i added value to my clients in helping to remove their performance issues when they were stuck at that present time etc.
That’s what i do i help people achieve ongoing results in many areas of their lives by helping them at a time when they were stuck.
I can do the same for you. Woodfall therapy, not buying hypnosis, your paying for results.